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About Point Master (UK) Ltd.

Point Master Uk Ltd, is a British company, formed in 2006 to bring to the world an invention that greatly simplifies the application of Mortar.

Devised and developed initially for professional brick re pointing (wall refurbishment) and driven by the need to simplify and reduce the time it takes to get standard, self-mixed mortar into the joint, the accuracy and effectiveness of the tool soon leant itself to other similar applications such as pointing for patios and paving.

The PointMaster tool ’s strength is in its simplicity: The omission of a complex mechanism removes the risk of premature failure and reduces the bug-bear of water separation, whilst allowing for a wide range of mortar mixes to be used, including lime mortars and flooring grouts.

It provides an excellent solution for tradesmen, where the time taken using traditional methods, greatly extends the time and hence the costing of the job. The simplicity and accuracy of the design also enables the tool to be used in domestic situations.

Despite difficult trading circumstances over the past few years, the positive reputation of the Point Master continues to grow, with many thousands of units being sold in the UK, Europe and worldwide, for both tradesmen and domestic users.

An increasing proportion of sales are repeat orders and recommendations from colleagues.

If you would like to contact us, we would love to here from you. You can call us on: +44 (0) 208 133 5396 or on 0845 116 0284*.

Alternatively, you can email us at enquiries@pointmaster.net alternatively click the button below for our online contact form.

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Image of the Pointmaster pointing gun tool

What applications can I use it for?

It is suitable for most applications using regular cement mortar, lime mortar and grout for flooring. It works with most common mix ratios, and is fine with mortar colourant.