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Across our website, we have a number of short videos that demonstrate the Point Master tool being used for different specific applications. On this page we have compiled a list of these videos, so that it is simpler for you to find a specific video for the application you are looking for.

The first video is our original general demonstration. Below this are the videos showing specific applications include; Pointing brickwork, patios and paving slabs, deep joints and stonework and others.

Watch the PointMaster being used.

This is our original demonstration video of the Point Master tool.

Here the PointMaster is shown being used in different situations, with various mortar mixes including cement mortar, hydraulic lime mortar and bagged floor tile grout.

Point Master injects the mortar directly into the back of the joint and fills it completely, with little mess or waste.

This clearly demonstrates both the speed and accuracy of the Point Master using regular mortars, thus saving a huge amount of time.

Pointing patios & paving slabs

Here we show the speed and accuracy of the Point Master tool when pointing even sided paving joints.

If the joints are even, as we demonstrate here, you can use a continuous sliding technique, pressing the plunger as you move along the joint. This way, pointing takes minutes instead of hours.

Here we are using a good quality, bagged, ready mixed mortar. With ready mixed mortars, mixing time should be increased, as the contained plasticiser is a dry powder which may take longer to activate.

Repointing brickwork & walls

This video shows the Point Master tool repointing the brickwork of a wall built of recycled bricks.

You can see how the application of mortar is fast and very precise, with negligable surface staining, which is vital in delivering a professional result.

If time and care is taken in slightly over-filling the joints, it is possible to weather-strike the joints if required. Normally, joint types should match the surrounding brickwork.

Pointing stonework & deep joints

This video shows the mix, application and finishing of a reproduction flint wall using the Point Master tool with cement mortar.

It clearly indicates how easy the Point Master makes this previously highly difficult job. The most common traditional technique, was to throw the cement into the wall from a trowel or hawk.

Please note that cement mortar is used because the wall is a modern reproduction. Heritage repairs should always be carried out using traditional materials such as lime mortar, and the Point Master tool.

Pointing Brick slips & brick tiles

Here the PointMaster is being used to infill a half-metre-square brick tile panel, which was built to demonstrate the tool at trade shows. You can clearly see how fast and accurate it is to use. The mortar is a hand mixed, 3:1 regular soft building sand and cement mortar mix, with the correct measure of plasticiser added (following the manufacturer's measures). Nothing else - This is a regular mortar mix.

Also note on the video how quick the tool is to re-load once empty. It takes just seconds! Always remember to shake out the residual plug left inside the chamber and stir the mix to revive before loading.

7x 35cm Paving joints filled in 25 seconds

This video is in two parts: The first part demonstrates the Point Master completely filling 7x 35cm regular sided paving slab joints in just 25 seconds and with only one fill.

The second part we add sharp sand and small stones into the mix, then re-mix, then reload the tool and continue pointing the same slabs, proving that small stones really won't block the nozzle.

Image of the Pointmaster pointing gun tool

Further information

PointMaster is suitable for many different applications. The pages below provide Projects and short demo videos of some examples. Just click the image.