Grouting ceramic and stone flooring

Application is fast and accurate, with regular floor grout

Fast & accurate application with regular floor grout.

The PointMaster is fast and effective for the precise application of grout for ceramic floor tiles.

By using the PointMaster, you no longer have to cover the whole floor in grout. This has a specific advantage then grouting some floor tiles that have a porous or uneven surface, where grout can become engrained and then cures. Staining of the surface of the tile can be avoided.

The adjustable nozzle can be adjusted to fit just inside the tile joint, allowing for application in a contiuous sliding motion.

Not only is application time greatly reduced, but the entire process is less messy and there is less waste produced. Finishing time is reduced, grout materials is more cost effectively applied, leading to greater continuity and a better overall result.

Remember to clean the tool thoroughly after application to avoid grout from drying inside the tool. The yellow colour of the tool provides a clear indication when it is clean.

Other applications for Point Master

The tool is suitable for most applications using regular cement mortar, lime mortar and grout for flooring. It works with most common mix ratios, and is fine with mortar colourant and other mortar additives. The links below show projects and short videos of some examples of uses for Point Master. Just click an image.