Tips for pointing during changeable weather
Image showing pointmaster pointing natural stone paving

A fast and accurate tool for pointing and grouting

Designed for the trade, the PointMaster mortar pointing gun uses regular mortar or grout rather than expensive or special mortar that can often be difficult to mix. Rather than making mortar suitable for the tool, it's designed to use mortar or grout best suited for the job. Mix strength is not compromised.

The adjustable, stainless steel nozzle injects mortar precisely into the joint. Small stones left in the mix won't block the nozzle, allowing you to continue working.

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Image of the Pointmaster pointing gun tool

The design keeps it simple.

The PointMaster has a trigger-free mechanism. This ensures a smooth and easily controllable mortar flow, by 'pushing' the material rather than squeezing it.

As there is no mechanism, efficiency and speed of application are greatly improved. This simplification has the added benefit of making the tool easy to use and to reload.

Refilling the PointMaster takes just seconds, so there is no delay in getting your new mortar into the joints.This helps you to save time.

It is robustly made and very hard wearing, giving the tool an extended life. which is vital given the abrasive nature of the sand contained within all mortar and grout mixes.

Compared with other pointing guns

How do I use it?

Keeping the tool at right angles to the mortar joint, apply hand pressure to inject the mix. Mortar or grout is applied right to the back, ensuring a complete fill, without air pockets.

As mortar fills the joint, move along, repeating the process until the joint is filled. If the joints are even, a continuous sliding motion is possible. For uneven mortar joints you should use a stepped process: place, fill, remove, move along, place, fill.

Allow time for the mortar to partially cure, then strike and finish as required.

Application is precise and extremely fast. Waste material is reduced.

Different by design:

High flow, offset, stainless steel nozzle is user adjustable to suit various joint widths.

The tool is suitable for multiple varied applications and different mortar mixes.

Ergonomic design enables the tool to be used for prolonged periods.

High capacity cylinder and flared loading end ensures fast application and fill cycles.

Simple, durable & robust, it is easy to clean. Product lifespan is extended

Image of the Pointmaster pointing gun tool


PointMaster is suitable for many different applications. The pages below provide Projects and short demo videos of some examples. Just click the image.