Pointing patios and paving slabs

Image showing pointmaster pointing natural stone paving

Completely fill paving joints & remove air pockets

When using PointMaster, new mortar is applied at right angles to the joint bed. This means that the cement cavity is filled to the back of the joint and ensures that paving joints are completely filled.

If the slab has become undermined and is unstable, fresh mortar will often penetrate underneath and fill the void. Slab stability can be restored, often without re-laying.

Using regular mortar combined with the accuracy of the Point Master is more effective than alternative methods, such as using dry cement or brush-in compounds, as gaps and air pockets are removed and a "complete fill" is ensured.

On regular sided paving and patio slabs, the application of mortar is fast and precise

Application of mortar is fast and precise

Where the paving foundation contains air pockets underneath the mortar joint, the tool can improve the foundation of the slab as mortar is forced underneath into the gap. This will reduce the chance of the slab moving under-foot and thus further enhances the life of the surface.

On regular sided Paving and Patio slabs, the application of mortar is fast and precise; as we show on our demonstration video, where we fill 7, 45cm slab joints in just 25 seconds and with one fill of the tool.

At whatever speed you work pointing is much simpler and many times faster when compared to other methods.This tool provides a cost effective and simple solution to pointing patios, paving slabs or flags.

Video: Using Point Master for pointing patios & paving slabs

In this 2 minute video we show the speed and accuracy of the Point Master tool when pointing even sided paving joints.

If the joints are even, as we demonstrate here, you can use a continuous sliding technique, pressing the plunger as you move along the joint. This way, pointing takes minutes instead of hours.

Here we are using a good quality, bagged, ready mixed mortar. With ready mixed mortars, mixing time should be increased, as the contained plasticiser is a dry powder which may take longer to activate.

Image of the Pointmaster pointing gun tool

Other applications for Point Master

The tool is suitable for most applications using regular cement mortar, lime mortar and grout for flooring. It works with most common mix ratios, and is fine with mortar colourant and other mortar additives. The links below show projects and short videos of some examples of uses for Point Master. Just click an image.